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Kwinana North zone breaks several records


Large volumes of grain continue to pour into the CBH network, with an additional 3,096,400 tonnes delivered last week taking the total receivals to more than 13.4 million tonnes. 

Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw said that despite further delays to harvest for growers, more sites had continued to break records last week. 

“Despite some rainfall events and harvest bans, sites continued to break records last week.”

“The Kwinana North zone broke several daily site records as well as their zone daily record, where they received 186,352 tonnes on 5 December.

“These records have been made possible by our growers, frontline and maintenance teams, as well as our significant investment into expanding and enhancing our network sites,” Mr Daw said. 

Mr Daw acknowledged that this volume had placed significant pressure on everyone involved with harvest including growers, their families, employees, transporters and CBH employees.

“As the pace of harvest continues, we are actively working to ensure that we can maintain services for growers.” 

“We are doing everything that we can to put more capacity on and ease pressure which includes building more temporary storage.”

“We have successfully completed over 1.4 million tonnes of temporary storage in addition to last year’s 2.4 million tonnes, and we are continuing to build more in the required locations.”

“However, more sites will continue to fill and close in the next few days.”

“We understand that some growers may be frustrated but we kindly ask for their patience and understand that we are running out of room.” 

CBH will continue to use the CDF app to send notifications on the availability of services, including temporary and permanent closures. 

CBH Harvest Report 2022

Zone Summary

Albany Zone
- There has been some weather delays this week with the zone receiving 458,800 tonnes, bringing the zone total to 1,866,826 tonnes.
- Barley and canola are most of the grains being delivered, with some oats as coming in as well. We are starting to see more deliveries of wheat in the northern area of the zone.
- Grain quality has been good across the zone, with variability being seen in some areas. Yields continue to be above expectations.
- All sites in the zone are open and receiving grain with Chillinup site opening this week. Average zone cycle time is sitting at 38.8 minutes.

Esperance Zone
- Another slow week for us regarding receivals, with weather impacting the zone once again. Heavy rainfall along the coast and lighter falls in the Lakes have contributed to only 279,100 tonnes delivered for the week. 
- All commodities are being received across the zone, with most growers through their canola and now into barley and wheat programs.
- Area Managers have been working closely with growers and bin reps to place the appropriate segregations on site to cater to different grain qualities
- All locations are open with zone cycle time averaging around 44.7 minutes, with the port slightly higher at 62.5 minutes.
- Thanks to all growers and contractors for being patient with our staff as we continue to bring in what has been a challenging crop.

Geraldton Zone
- Canola and barley is largely finished, now only receiving majority wheat and lupins.
- Grain quality is great, with plenty of high protein wheat.
- Arrino, Marchagee, Morawa and Perenjori all broke daily receival records.
- Some sites will be closed by early next week, including Marchagee and Canna.
- We are preparing to add further emergency storage at Narngulu, Geraldton Terminal, Mingenew, Morawa, Carnamah and Latham.

Kwinana North Zone
- Harvesting conditions have been good in Kwinana North Zone for the week with no disruptions.
- We are now receiving all commodities across the zone; canola is just about complete, and growers are now into their barley and wheat programs.
- Grain quality has been good with yields higher than expected in some areas.
- All sites are open throughout each area, with zone cycle time sitting at 40.4 minutes
- Kwinana North Zone had its busiest day on record on the 5 December, receiving 186,352 tonnes.
- Cadoux, Dowerin, Kalannie, Bodallin, Piawaning, Bencubbin, Dulyalbin, Muntadgin, Narembeen, Ballidu and McLevie all broke daily receival records.
- There will be some sites and services that close over the coming few weeks, including Bencubbin and Burracoppin.

Kwinana South Zone
- Harvest receival volumes are climbing each day, with last week being the largest week to date. 
- Canola receivals are falling slightly as more growers move to barley and wheat.  
- 50 percent of the estimated harvest has been received to date; segregations are limited at certain locations due to storage pressures.   
- York, Bulyee, Kondinin and Tammin broke daily records


Harvest Heroes

Each year, our existing CBH employees are joined by hundreds of harvest casuals, and as a team they work together to receive the WA crop as safely and efficiently as possible. 

We again want to highlight some of these harvest heroes who help make our grain supply chain the best in the world, and make harvest our favourite time of year. 

This week’s Harvest Heroes are Sharyn Duffel (Area Manager – Area 11), Toby McQuistan (Operations – Coordinator) and Bradley Townsend (Avon Site IC)

The team were recently recognised by Irving Carey, General Manager – Kwinana South Zone, for their dedication in helping move grain to port. 

“All three team members display enthusiasm, grunt and dedication in helping the co-operative move grain to port.”

“This was recently demonstrated when a train came into Avon at short notice on Sunday 27 November.”

“We desperately needed to load the train so that we could keep the canola segregation from filling.

“Sharyn, Toby and Bradley dropped what they were doing and came out to Avon at midnight to load the train.

“Had the train not been loaded on the Sunday at midnight, we would have had to temporarily stop receivals.”

“The team are worthy of this harvest hero nomination for their continued dedication to the co-operative and help in keeping the supply chain operating in the Kwinana South zone.”

Sharyn has worked at CBH for 6 years, while Toby has been with CBH for 10 years, and Bradley has been with CBH for over 13 years.

It’s people like Sharyn, Toby and Bradley who make up our team of harvest heroes and help keep our supply chain operating. 

CBH Harvest Report 2022 - Harvest Heroes

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