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CBH Group continues to break receival and shipping records


The CBH Group experienced another large week of grain receivals with more than 3.3 million tonnes delivered, bringing the total to more than 10.3 million tonnes. 

Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw said the past week had been extremely busy across the network, with several sites breaking receival records. 

“With growers finally experiencing decent harvesting conditions combined with higher-than-expected yields, we have seen 22 sites break daily receival records.”

“On Thursday 1 December 2022, we broke the daily receival record with 587,974 tonnes received across the network, marginally surpassing the previous record of 587,738 tonnes which was set on the same day last year - 1 December 2021.”

“This record didn’t stand for long with growers delivering over 603,277 tonnes the following day on Friday 2 December.

Adding to the receival records, Mr Daw said that CBH had also continued to break shipping records. 

“Pleasingly, we broke our November shipping record, where shipped over 1.54 million tonnes, beating our previous record of 1.24mt set last November 2021.”

In setting this record, both the Albany and Kwinana Ports also broke their November records, with 228,000 tonnes and 742,000 tonnes respectively.

“These receival and shipping records are a fantastic achievement which demonstrates our grower's ability to strip the crop quickly thanks to their significant investment in modern technology, but also our team’s ability to receive and outturn the crop safely and efficiently.”

Despite these records, Mr Daw reminded growers that the record harvest is placing significant pressure on everyone involved with harvest.

“As the pace of harvest continues, we are working hard to ensure that we can maintain services for growers. This may not be your closest site, but we will ensure major sites can continue to take grain.”

As communicated at pre-harvest meetings, more sites and services will fill and close earlier this year. This is starting to happen with some sites closing services”. 

“We ask that all CBH employees, growers and transporters be patient, respectful and work together to get through this record-breaking harvest.”

“We will not tolerate any aggressive or unethical behaviour towards our employees.”

Please note that if you breach the site safety rules, time penalties may be applied that will prohibit you or your vehicle from entering a CBH site for a specific period based on the severity and regularity of the breach. 

We will continue to use the CDF app to send notifications on the availability of services, including temporary and permanent closures. If these closures do occur, the CDF app should also be used to determine where alternative services are available at surrounding sites. If you have any issues with the CDF app, please contact the Grower Service Centre. 

CBH Harvest Report

Zone Summary

Albany Zone

- There has been some good harvesting weather across the Albany Zone, apart from one day impacted by a harvest ban. This has seen 636,200 tonnes delivered for the week, bringing the zone total to 1,400,570 tonnes.

- Majority of the grain received is barley and canola, with some oats and wheat starting to be delivered.

- Grain quality has been good across the zone, the introduction of BFED3 service will assist growers with delivery options. Yields continue to be above expectations.

- All sites in the zone are open and receiving grain, with Gairdner breaking a daily receival record on 1 December.

Cycle time is sitting at 39.4 minutes.

Esperance Zone

- Tonnes have increased within in the Esperance Zone, with some favourable weather conditions over the past seven days. Unfortunately, the coming week looks to have more rainfall scattered throughout the zone, which will again slow the pace of harvest as we move into December. 

- We are now receiving all commodities across the zone and extra segregations have been implemented.

- All of the sites are open throughout the zone, with the average cycle time currently at 52.7 minutes. This ranges from area to area as we push tonnes into the port to complement our accumulations. 

- BFED3 services have now been implemented at Ravensthorpe and Esperance (Brazier Street) 

Geraldton Zone

- Good solid week of harvesting weather in the Geraldton Zone, which was only impacted by some minor harvest bans.   

- Five daily receival records were broken at Binnu, Latham, Marchagee, Morawa and Narngulu

- Main commodity being received now is wheat with some lupins and canola still coming in.

- Grain quality is excellent across the zone.

- Specific services closing at some sites, with area cycle time sitting 46.4 minutes.

Kwinana North Zone

- There was a harvest ban on Wednesday across the majority of the Kwinana North Zone, which slowed deliveries. Despite this, the deliveries for the week reached 912,600 tonnes, bringing the total for the year to 3,002,674 tonnes.

- We are now receiving all commodities across the zone.

- Grain quality has been good with yields higher than expected in some areas.

- All sites are open throughout each area, with zone cycle time sitting at 41.4 minutes

- Kwinana North Zone had its busiest day on record, receiving 170,898 tonnes on 29 November 2022.  On the same day Merredin received 20,929 tonnes which is the largest one-day receival by a country receival point in the state.

- Thirteen sites broke their daily receival records this week – Dowerin, Kalannie, Koorda, Wyalkatchem, Bodallin, Merredin, Moora, Beacon, Bencubbin, Bonnie Rock, Dulyalbin, Ballidu, Konnongorring, Bulyee, Kondinin and Tammin.

- The Kwinana Port Initiative has achieved some of its targets and therefore the incentive for CAN & CAG has stopped at MGC, however is still available at KGT. In addition, the incentive has been added to lupins at MGC and will continue until Thursday 15 December or when we have received 3,000 tonnes.

Kwinana South Zone

- Harvest has progress well across most of the Kwinana South Zone, with most sites now open, and handling a wide range of commodities. 

- More segregations have been opened across the zone.

- Harvest bans impacted receivals across most of the zone on Wednesday.

- Kwinana Zone has received 33% of the estimated harvest deliveries to date.

- The Kwinana Port Initiative has achieved some of its targets and therefore the incentive for CAN & CAG has stopped at MGC, however is still available at KGT. In addition, the incentive has been added to lupins at MGC and will continue until Thursday 15 December or when we have received 3,000 tonnes.


Harvest Hero

This week’s Harvest Hero is Simon Kingdon, a harvest casual RPO at CBH Brookton.

Simon was nominated by Area Manager Richard Williams for his operational experience, maturity and attention to detail.

Simon is described by his colleagues as an easy-going guy who is always willing to help out with any task on-site, no matter how big or small. Simon is a great leader, who is often heard on the two-way radio offering solutions to any problems and quick to answer any questions other casuals have.

This experience and attention to detail was brought to light in a recent prestart check to make sure equipment is fit for purpose and safe to use. Simon turned off a grid elevator after starting it up because he thought it didn’t sound right. After diverting deliveries to a different part of the site, it was confirmed that there was a problem with one of the elevator belts not tracking properly. The early intervention meant the maintenance team could fix the issue before it became a much bigger problem.

Simons intervention demonstrates it is not simply a case of pressing a button to start up equipment but to listen as well.  Is it humming or making a dodgy banging, whining, or repeated thumping noise? If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t right!

When he isn’t working for CBH bringing harvest in, Simon loves travelling around Australia with his wife Sally, and takes pride being handy on the tools.

It’s people like Simon who pay attention to the important things, that avoid mistakes and ensure harvest is smoother for everyone.

CBH Harvest Report

(Simon Kingdon, RPO at Brookton). 

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