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Cadoux Site Upgrades - October 2022
Cadoux site expansion and upgrades - October 2022

Cadoux community embraces CBH site upgrade


The tight-knit community of Cadoux came together in October for a tour of the expanded and upgraded CBH Cadoux site.

Three major projects were carried out this year: the Cadoux site expansion, with two new open bulkheads; the A-type throughput enhancement project; and new accommodation on-site.

Joining the local growers for the guided tour were CBH Directors John O’Neil, Jeff Seaby and Ken Seymour; CBH Kwinana North Zone’s Nick Chandler, Jimmy Holdsworth, Karina Rahurahu and Ashlea Nelmes; CBH Project Delivery Group’s Chris Ong, Tim Butler, Eddie Colakovic, Sam Evan-Thompson and Matt Readhead.

As part of the site expansion, CBH has added an additional 78,000 tonnes of permanent storage, a new 500 tonne per hour conveyor as part of the Cadoux expansion, as well associated roads, drainage, crib and toilet facilities.

The throughput enhancement project consisted of a refurbishment of the horizontal A-type storage, which improves safety and enhances grain outloading on site.

Finally, a new 16-bedroom accommodation with kitchen, laundry and loungeroom facilities was built, enabling harvest workers to stay on site in Cadoux, bringing community and safety benefits.

Growers, CBH Directors and CBH employees were guided around the site by Area Manager Nick Chandler and were able to speak with Manager – Project Delivery Chris Ong, Lead – Project Delivery Sam Evan-Thompson and Manager – Project Delivery Matt Readhead on the expansion, A-type and accommodation respectively.

After the tour, guests convened at the Cadoux Trader for dinner and a catch-up.

Cadoux was one of three key expansion projects for FY2022 – alongside Shark Lake and Dumbleyung – for CBH this year.

These works are an important part of our continued elevated investment in the network to reach a peak export capacity of 3 million tonnes each month by 2033.

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