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Forward offers snapped up on MarketPlace


Although there is so much familiarity with the turning seasons in agriculture, we find ourselves at yet another fascinating intersection of pricing, world events and weather.

As many of our growers run the gauntlet of seeding and spraying, we'd like to remind you of the new functionality to book forward contracts of MarketPlace. 

The idea behind it is remarkably simple, to give you the time and space to get on with other crucial tasks in your business and set a firm target price and have it in the market. 

Since March 2022, we have seen forward offers for Wheat and Canola snapped up on MarketPlace and encourage all our DailyGrain users to look at taking advantage of the functionality we’ve designed to let you set and forget your pricing targets and capitalise while the market is running hot.  

 DailyGrain - MarketPlace charts

DailyGrain - Marketplace 


How do I place a Forward Offer on MarketPlace?

Follow this simple 6-step process to create and add a Forward Offer on MarketPlace.


1) Open MarketPlace and select ‘Forward’ under the Market section and then click the ‘Place Offer’ button in the top right corner.

DailyGrain - Forward contracting

2) Select your grower account 

3) Simply select the season, port, commodity, grade and contract type. Next, enter the price for the base grade you wish to secure, how long you want the offer to be available for and the delivery window. Please note that if you choose to do a multigrade contract, you will need to select the grades you wish to add and the spread value. Remember to place a minus symbol if it is a negative spread value to the base grade.

DailyGrain - Forward contracting

4) Allocate tonnes

5) Select the buyers you wish to sell your grain to

DailyGrain - Forward contracting

6) Confirm your offer details and agree to the MarketPlace Trading Terms and Conditions and release the offer.


7) Once a bid has been matched by a buyer, you will be immediately notified by email, and the buyer will raise a Forward Contract and send it to you.



Need to review or remove your offer?

You can review or remove your offer at anytime unless it has traded. Simply go to ‘My Activity’.

DailyGrain - Forward contracting

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