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A fee free alternative to secure the best return for your grain


2022 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the global grains industry from both a price and supply perspective. 

Due to the ongoing Russian conflict, grain and oilseed exports from the Ukraine has halted with limited exports from Russia, combined with dry conditions in the United States and discussions of Chinese drought, demand for Australian grain has remained strong. 

Now with restricted exports from the Black Sea, it is likely that additional demand will move to Australia and other origins over the coming months. 

Following this strong international demand for Australian grain, there is an opportunity for West Australian (WA) growers to proactively offer their grain for sale at their target prices and seek full value on new season grain through forward contracts

This season, DailyGrain has been able to create further value for WA growers by enabling them to become the price setter using MarketPlace. Growers can now place forward offers for the 2022/23 season fee free.

Following the latest improvements to MarketPlace, WA growers and consultants have indicated strong support this season, with the largest number of trades and volume since MarketPlace was released.

Designed to give growers more control, a say in the price they want for their grain and to give real market transparency, DailyGrain enables members to market their grain and become ‘price setters’ for all major commodities. Growers can set the price they want, choose which buyers they wish to sell to, and choose how long offers are available for. Providing buys and sellers with a secure place to trade, MarketPlace enables you to remove any offers immediately if you chose. 

DailyGrain’s easy to use platform focuses on two core areas: prices and deliveries, and the MarketPlace. With direct access to 23 grain marketers in WA, and real time visibility of transactions, growers can quickly identify and take advantage of market trends and opportunities.


DailyGrain - DailyGrain MarketPlace - DailyGrain Top 5

With all things pricing covered, from current cash and pool prices to historical charts and market news published to DailyGrain, members can easily track buyers posting prices each day and gain insights into trends and prices to base their grain marketing. Premium members can receive daily SMS notifications on up to three mobiles, and set price alerts for commodities and grades, ensuring that they don’t miss any opportunities. 

MarketPlace, an online trading marketplace enables members to secure the price they want for their grain or trade immediately by matching offers to buyer's bids. With MarketPlace, members can set their price and place an offer in the cash or forward market. 

With Australian grain remaining competitive into international markets, the ability for growers to secure prices for next season’s crop through forward contracts is becoming more relevant. Armed with DailyGrain, members can place offers on the Forward Market to secure target prices on future deliveries or next season’s crop at the price they want. 

DailyGrain Manager, Wayne Hiller, said that he was thrilled by the increased use of MarketPlace this season and believed there was a real opportunity for growers to capture the price they want through the forward market. 

“It is fantastic to see more growers and consultants using the MarketPlace to drive greater returns for their grain. We are now seeing more growers using MarketPlace with the average returns above published prices at the time of trade”.

“We are continuing to provide members with a service that helps facilitate an easy transaction and gives growers the opportunity to get the best return for their grain.”

“The ‘Top 5’ also continues to be a useful tool for assisting growers in securing marketers’ prices daily. This provides a baseline for expected prices, but we see even greater transparency with the MarketPlace with trades that are often above published prices.”

“With strong demand for Australian grain, there lies a real opportunity for growers to use the Forward Market to secure prices for next season’s crop and secure the price they want, now. The platform allows our customers to get on with the never-ending jobs list and capitalise on a volatile upwards market without sitting glued to a laptop.

All MarketPlace trades are fee free with no additional fees or commissions charged to either the Buyer or the Seller

To find out more about DailyGrain, click here or call (08) 9416 6244 to speak with the friendly DailyGrain team today.

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