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Take advantage of this years grain market trends and opportunities with DailyGrain

With new improvements to the DailyGrain platform and MarketPlace, there has never been a better time to integrate Western Australia’s leading price discovery and grain marketing application with your business.  

DailyGrain equips members, whether they’re in the office or paddock, with the right information and tools so their grain marketing decisions can be made with confidence.  

The platform works by collecting grain buyers’ cash and forward market prices for all major commodities and then displays this information to members in a customisable format via desktop, tablet and mobile for quick and easy comparisons of live prices.  


DailyGrain’s MarketPlace, is a digital marketplace that enables all members to market their grain, setting their price for all major commodities with full buyer and bid visibility. Premium members can also access ‘set and forget’ automatic notifications of MarketPlace and receive daily notifications via SMS and email.  

With direct access to major marketers, and real time visibility of transactions, growers can quickly identify and take advantage of market trends and opportunities. 

For CBH members, DailyGrain also seamlessly connects with LoadNet, allowing growers to chart and view loads as well as contract and nominate. To participate on MarketPlace, marketers are required to be registered as Acquirers with CBH operations. 

In the fast-moving world of commodity trading, the ability to influence the elements of a contract or trade is critical which is why DailyGrain introduced several new improvements earlier this month to coincide with the 2021-22 harvest.  

Members can offer their wheat, barley, canola and now lupins and oats direct to market at the price they want on MarketPlace.  

The new improvements also enable members to set their own Forward Offers for the price and spreads that they wish.  

In addition to this, growers will now be able to place an offer to sell wheat in the forward market, set the desired price and multigrade spreads, and select the buyers they wish to sell to and the delivery window.  

Buyers can then respond to the offer with a matching bid. Upon a matching bid, the buyer, seller and the grower, will receive a notification of the trade.  

In the spot or physical market, sellers and buyers can add deferred payment to their offers or bids, providing members with the control and capability to manage their grain marketing needs.  

In response to growers taking a more active role in grain marketing, MarketPlace is now available on the mobile app, giving grower’s greater flexibility and control to place offers and monitor market bids and trades whilst on the move. 

MarketPlace allows growers to be price setters, not just price takers, allowing members to offer a parcel of grain in both the forward and spot markets and set their target prices.   

This will make this season the perfect time to use the online trading platform, with direct access to marketers and real-time visibility of transactions, members can quickly identify and take advantage of market trends and opportunities. 

“We are very excited to reveal these enhancements to the DailyGrain application,’’ said DailyGrain product manager Wayne Hiller. 

The Top 5 page provides great insights to growers on buyers’ prices and trends, with all CBH shareholders having access to MarketPlace to sell their grain with no trading fees or brokerage.”  

“Additionally, we have provided members the flexibility to create price alerts on Bids in the MarketPlace. This will allow members to gain immediate notification when trades are at or above their target prices. We encourage growers to ‘set and forget’ on the platform, by choosing the price they want and getting on with harvest in the meantime”.  

Take comfort that you are trading with confidence and download the DailyGrain app from the Apple Store or Google Play today.  

All CBH shareholders can register for a Free Basic account which is now a perpetual membership with no annual renewal, as all growers deserve to trade with confidence.  

To register or for more information, visit or call 9416 6244 

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