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Direct to Vessel opportunities open for harvest


The Direct to Vessel service allows growers to deliver grain directly to port or the applicable overflow site during harvest, where it is linked to a marketers' vessel nomination and it meets the load and nomination criteria. DTV helps the CBH supply chain to run as efficiently as possible and helps us meet the demanding shipping requirements over harvest.


Eligible participants can earn a $3.80 per tonne rebate from CBH when nominating to the CBH Direct to Vessel Marketer options (cash and pool) in LoadNet within the required nomination window.




- You must meet the specified load criteria and nomination window when nominating.

- To participate in DTV, select the following Marketer option when nominating in LoadNet during the specified Nomination Window: 

  For CBH cash contracts select‘CBH Group - Cash - Direct to Vessel'

  For CBH Pool contracts and direct Pool nominations select‘CBH Group - Pool - Direct to Vessel’

- The 21-day Delivery Window has been removed for Barley, Canola and Wheat vessels; note the Nomination Window criteria still applies.

- Rebate of $3.80 p/t for nominating eligible loads as DTV to CBH - rebate automatically applied to CBH Operations Receival invoice.


Current DTV opportunities:


Albany Port / Mirambeena: 

BARLEY | BFD1: nomination window 26 OCT - 15 NOV

Esperance Port / Shark Lake:

CANOLA | CAN1: nomination window 12 OCT - 1 NOV

CANOLA | CAN1: nomination window 26 OCT - 15 NOV

Geraldton Port / Moonyoonooka / Narngulu:

WHEAT | ASW1: nomination window 11 OCT - 31 OCT

WHEAT | ASW1: nomination window 15 OCT - 4 NOV

WHEAT | ASW1: nomination window 20 OCT - 9 NOV

WHEAT | APW1: nomination window 26 OCT - 15 NOV

WHEAT | ASW1: nomination window 26 OCT - 15 NOV

CANOLA | CAG1: nomination window 26 OCT - 15 NOV


Visit the Direct to Vessel page for more information. You can also call your local BRM or the Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083 for assistance.


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