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Fitting in with the Diesel crew


An opportunity to create a learning network for specialised skills has bought together our CBH Diesel maintenance team members from across the regional network who normally work in isolation. 

Recently, our crew of 8 Diesel Fitters headed to the Geraldton Grain Terminal, which hosted the first Diesel Fitters Forum just for CBH employees. The Fitters are normally based in Wongan Hills, Merredin, Avon, Corrigin, Katanning, Esperance and Geraldton, and from these sites they cover the entire CBH network. 

In case you’re not aware, Diesel Fitters play a big part of keeping the grain flowing, maintaining and fixing our mobile fleet which includes Front End Loaders (FEL), generators, Skid Steers and Mobile Loading System’s, among other mobile type of equipment. 

CBH Asset Management Principal Eddy Dentamaro organised the forum, which was held at our Geraldton Grain Terminal.  

“Working in Asset Management, I travel a lot and see the great work done by our Maintenance teams across the Network, much of it is done in isolation to keep their areas going,” Eddy said. 

“There is also a lot of experience, knowledge and levels of ingenuity to keep assets running, and many times the guys don’t know who to talk to or ask for help or share what they are doing. 

“So, I arranged a forum to start getting this internal network happening and included key presenters to talk about oils and greases, our front end loaders and fire systems in a training and coaching environment.” 

Eddy said the intent of the Diesel Fitters Forum is to foster a collective sharing of knowledge and best practice, share and review the Front End Loader (FEL) Preventative Maintenance and Work Instructions, and deliver training on FEL Fire Systems, Precision Maintenance Lubrication, CJD Workshop Maintenance.

Along with sharing knowledge and experiences, the two-day Forum also had several guest speakers present at the event, including Hayden Grant and Richard Furber from CJD Volvo, Fire System Specialist Michael O’Donnell from WA Fire Protection Solutions and Lorrie Di Ciccio from Statewide Oil. Armed with this new knowledge the team has been asked to help review what and how we do things to improve and standardise our practices across the teams.

Kwinana South’s Mechanical Tradeperson Dustin MacGregor attended the conference. 

“The conference was great. It was good to meet everyone from both CBH and CJD. I think as we get further discussions going on team, these catch ups will be really beneficial. It will allow our catch ups to be really focused on chosen topics/issues and we can get really in depth with the,” Dustin said. 

CBH Diesel Fitters at their own unique Forum

PHOTO: Fire System Specialist Michael O'Donnell from WA Fire Protection Solutions taking the team through how to look after our front-end loader fire systems. 

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