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CBH celebrates a decade of dedicated regional volunteers through Grass Roots Grants


The CBH Group is proud to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its Grass Roots Community Grants this year.  

The milestone signifies the hard work and commitment of regional Western Australian volunteers and their contribution to creating and sustaining vibrant grain growing communities.  

With the support of the Grants, community members have brought to life 889 small-scale infrastructure projects and events including community hall renovations, sports changeroom upgrades, agricultural shows, music concerts, day care centre equipment, men’s sheds, school holiday activities and so many more.  

Over the past decade, a total of $2.8 million has been invested through CBH’s Grass Roots Community Grants program, originally created to support the unique needs of WA growers’ local communities and the pivotal role regional volunteers play. 

Chief Stakeholder Relations, Sustainability and Strategy Officer Brianna Peake said CBH was proud to stand-by and support WA growers and their communities for future generations.   

 “As a co-operative, CBH and community go hand in hand,” Ms Peake said.   

“We acknowledge that each project and event owes its success to the dedication, care, and commitment and passion of regional volunteers. 

“This milestone is a celebration of the unwavering commitment regional people have for their local communities.”   

In early 2023, Doodlakine Community Committee applied for a CBH Grass Roots Community Grant to celebrate the centenary of their Agricultural Hall.    

Committee member Jenny Zalmstra said the grant relieved fundraising stress and allowed the small but dedicated committee to put their energy into making the event a success.   

“The nature of the event allowed old and new community members to contribute and participate in whatever capacity they could,” Ms Zalmstra said.    

“The social cohesion generated by the event was immeasurable, and people worked with great pride to bring the community together. 

“The Doodlakine Community Committee is extremely grateful for the opportunity the CBH grants program provided.”   

In February and August each year, community clubs, groups or organisations in WA grain growing communities can apply for a share in $150,000 through Grass Roots Community Grants.

With the two categories offered, eligible applicants can appl for a small-scale infrastructure grant of up to $10,000 or a community event grant of up to $5,000.

View our most recent TV commercial here.    

For more information on the Grass Roots Community Grants program and its guidelines please visit the CBH website.