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CBH calls for grower estimates to help with harvest planning


CBH Group is offering personalised one on one sessions to growers to help submit estimates through Paddock Planner as preparations ramp up for the coming 2023/24 harvest.  

While harvest is a few months away, CBH is preparing for the upcoming crop. As part of these preparations the annual call has gone out to growers to submit their estimates of hectares planted for the 2023/24 harvest.  

Growers who submit their estimates using Paddock Planner, before 31 July 2023 go into the draw to win a $1,000 accommodation voucher and $500 towards a charity or club of their choice. CBH Chief Operations Officer Mick Daw is reminding growers of the importance that their estimates play in harvest preparations and long-term network decisions, particularly following last year’s record season.

“With potentially another above average harvest expected, plus carry over from the record 2022 season, it is absolutely vital that growers tell us what they have planted so we can plan accordingly and reduce pressure on the network where possible,” Mr Daw said.

“Last year, actual grain deliveries at some sites were up to three times more than what had been submitted through estimates, resulting in storage shortfalls and impacting services to growers at those sites."

“Services will likely fill up fast again this season and if we know what varieties and where the grain is coming from, we will be able to plan for truck and train outloading during harvest where possible.”  

CBH is now in its sixth year of using Paddock Planner and is seeing a continued increase in the up-take of the estimates application.

Newdegate grower Rochell Walker has been using Paddock Planner since 2019 and has seen value in the program both on farm and for CBH.

“We’ve been using Paddock Planner for a several years now and the process is really quick and simple. Enter the commodity, variety and start creating your paddocks. The preloaded data helps make the process even quicker. Paddock Planner is a simple tool for us to help CBH plan for our deliveries for the season. It really helps to inform segregation decisions based on our real information," Ms Walker said.

Mr Daw said estimates submitted through Paddock Planner not only help CBH to plan for the coming harvest but also helped to make better informed long-term network investment decisions. “Paddock Planner improves our decision-making ability and is playing a role in achieving our ultimate goal of exporting 3 million tonnes per month by 2033. This information provides a level of accuracy and validation that facilitates our long-term investment in storage," Mr Daw said.

"For example, Paddock Planner estimates were used to help CBH manage significant storage pressures experienced in the Geraldton Zone. Paddock Planner made it possible to identify the pattern of deliveries coming into the Geraldton Port precinct. This information gave CBH the confidence to build 220,000 tonnes of additional permanent storage at the Narngulu site."    

Growers can book a 30-minute, one-on-one phone or Zoom call with the CBH Grower Service Centre by calling 1800 199 083.