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Initial candidates unveiled for 2023 CBH Member Director Elections


The CBH Group today advises the Candidate Assessment Panel (CAP) process has been completed for the 2023 CBH Group Member Director Elections, with four candidates proceeding to seek election or re-election. 

Three Director positions are open for nomination, one in each of Districts 1, 2 and 4. 

The CAP process candidates seeking election or re-election are: 

District 1

Ken Seymour (incumbent) Miling

District 2

John O’Neil (incumbent) Mukinbudin

Mick Caughey Merredin

District 4

Royce Taylor (incumbent) Lake Grace

The CAP is a three-person, majority independent panel, comprising the CBH Board Chair and two members external to CBH and respected in the field of governance, Terry Agnew and Suzanne Ardagh. While all Member Director Election candidates are strongly encouraged to participate in the CAP process, it is only mandatory for incumbent Directors. 

Director nominations open for non-CAP participants 

Nominations have today opened for candidates for the 2023 Member Director Elections who wish to nominate outside of the CAP process. 

Eligible candidates have until 12.00 noon on Tuesday, 3 January 2023 to lodge their nomination.

The upcoming elections will be conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC). 

CBH Grower Members with an interest in standing for election outside of the CAP process as a Director in Districts 1, 2 or 4 should apply for an information pack and nomination form from WAEC Returning Officer for the 2023 elections, Jocelyn Chapman by phone on 9214 0489 or email at

Candidates are not required to have their main growing interests in the district in which they intend to nominate for election.

Following the close of nominations for non-CAP candidates on Tuesday, 3 January 2023, and subject to receiving more than one nomination for a district, Grower Members in that district will be able to vote for the candidate of their choice and those votes will be counted immediately after the close of poll at 10.00am on Monday, 13 February 2023.

Further information about the Member Director Elections and CAP process can be found on our website,