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CBH Member Director Elections set to open with Candidate Assessment Panel


Nominations for three Member Director positions in Districts 1, 2 and 4 for the 2023 Member Director elections will open on 6 October 2022 for candidates wishing to participate in the Candidate Assessment Panel (CAP) process.


To assist in our co-operative’s pursuit of the highest standards of governance, the CAP process, introduced for the first-time last year, has been designed to encourage a high calibre of candidates to stand for election and promote merit-based voting of Member Directors.


Prospective candidates for the CBH Board are strongly encouraged to go through the CAP process, which will assess the candidate’s skills, attributes and experience before providing a report to CBH members ahead of voting.


CBH Chair Simon Stead said feedback from the inaugural CAP process in 2021 was positive and provided additional confidence to member voters.


“The CAP process has been designed to encourage a high calibre of candidates to stand for election and promote merit-based voting by providing members with factual information about the candidates for their consideration when deciding which candidate to vote for.”


The CAP is a three-person, majority independent panel, comprising the CBH Board Chair and two members external to CBH and respected in the field of governance, Terry Agnew and Suzanne Ardagh. While all Member Director Election candidates are strongly encouraged to participate in the CAP process, it is only mandatory for incumbent Directors. 


The panel will assess and deliver a report in respect of all candidates who participate in the CAP process against the skills and attributes sought by the CBH Board in its Directors. 


This information will then be provided in the voting materials and will include a rating and assessment comments for each candidate who took part in the CAP process. It is important to note that the CAP will not recommend a preferred candidate or candidates.


Candidates are not required to have their main growing interests in the district in which they intend to nominate for election.


For members that would like to nominate for a CBH Member Director position, please contact Jocelyn Chapman from the Western Australian Electoral Commission, the Returning Officer for the 2023 elections, by email on or phone 9214 0489. Nominations for CAP process candidates open on 6 October and close on 3 November 2022. 


For candidates who do not wish to participate in the CAP process, nominations will open 12 December 2022 and close on 3 January 2023.


Further information about the Member Director Elections and CAP process can be found on our website,