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CBH Group welcomes five new members to Growers Advisory Council


The CBH Group is pleased to announce the endorsement of five new growers to join our Growers’ Advisory Council (GAC).

The new councillors are Jules Alvaro of Merredin, Tarnya Fraser of Quairading, Tamara Alexander of Narrogin, Clayton South of Wagin, and Peter Kirchner of Munglinup.

Each councillor has been appointed for a four-year term, commencing on 1 July 2022.

Made up of 16 Western Australian grain growers, the GAC provides a formal channel to facilitate feedback and communication between the co-operative’s grower members and the CBH Board and management team.

Due to the expiry of the terms of five sitting Councillors, five positions were open to new members.

Ms Fraser and Ms Alexander fill the two District 3 vacancies, Mr South fills the District 4 position and Mr Kirchner the District 5 position. Ms Alvaro (District 2) fills the remaining position available to a grower from any district, as the minimum number of councillors for all Districts had been met.

The new Councillors replace outgoing councillors Romina Nicoletti from District 1, Stephen Strange and Renee Lynch from District 3, Gerard Paganoni from District 4, and Andrew Chambers from District 5.

CBH Chair Simon Stead congratulated the incoming councillors on their successful appointment.

As the voice of our growers, the GAC provide valuable input to CBH on key operational and strategic issues relating to the co-operative and the wider grains industry. This includes CBH initiatives that will impact our growers and their farm business,” Mr Stead said.

The CBH Board and management look forward to the incoming GAC members sharing their knowledge and experience to help shape the long-term success of our co-operative,” he said.

Mr Stead also thanked the outgoing GAC members for their contribution, noting the commitment demonstrated by all to the ongoing development of CBH and the Western Australian grains industry.

New councillors will attend their first GAC meeting on Thursday 4 August 2022.

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