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Storage expansion contracts awarded to WA businesses

Three Western Australian businesses have been awarded contracts for the CBH Group’s storage expansion projects this year at the Brookton, Dale and Hyden receival sites.

Work has now commenced at two of the sites, with Georgiou Group awarded the Hyden contract and Valmec awarded the expansion component of the Brookton work. WCP Civil will work on the Dale program of works.

CBH Chief Project Delivery Officer Pieter Vermeulen said he was pleased to award contracts to WA businesses.

“The contracts each include a program of work that involve installing key infrastructure such as weighbridges, sample huts, electrical work, upgrades to existing equipment and optimising traffic flow,” Mr Vermeulen said.

“This work aims to improve how quickly we can receive deliveries plus meet the demands at harvest as the pace and size of the crop increases.”

Georgiou Group will build 136,000 tonnes of permanent storage at Hyden through four open bulkheads, install fixed inloading equipment, relocate the sample hut to expand the marshalling area for larger trucks, install a new weighbridge and improve the internal network to optimise traffic flows.

Valmec will add 127,000 tonnes of permanent storage at Brookton. This includes the construction of four new open bulkheads that will have a combined storage capacity of 114,000 tonnes, the installation of inloading equipment to service the OBHs and connection to the main power grid. In addition, Valmec will also increase the wall heights of three existing OBH from 1.2 metres to 1.8 metres to add a further 13,000 tonnes of storage.

WCP Civil will install at Dale a 36-metre weighbridge and sample hut, increase the length of an existing open bulkhead and increase the wall height to 1.8 metres to add further permanent storage at the site.

Construction has already commenced at Brookton and Hyden. Work will commence at Dale in early April.

An additional contract for Brookton is intended to be awarded in coming weeks for throughput enhancements at the site, which include upgrades to a number of existing conveyors and stackers, installation of dust mitigation equipment and enhancements to key infrastructure to increase inloading capabilities to 500 tonnes per hour.

The projects are intended to be completed before harvest.