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CBH Group's CDF app success drives state-wide roll out


Western Australian growers will receive real time notifications of grain deliveries for the 2018/19 harvest following the successful trial of the CBH Group’s Carter’s Delivery Form (CDF) app.

The app will be rolled out to all four port zones in time for the next harvest after a strong uptake from growers.

CBH General Manager Operations David Capper said nearly 19,000 loads were delivered during the 2017/18 harvest through the CDF app’s trial phase, which took place at some sites in the Kwinana zone including the Metro Grain Centre.

“The loads accounted for 32 per cent of all deliveries in the trial areas, with nearly 900,000 tonnes of grain delivered via the app,” Mr Capper said.

Mr Capper said there are several key benefits delivered by the CDF app.

“It allows CBH to accurately measure the performance of sites during harvest including wait times before the sample shed, and all the following steps in the delivery process,” Mr Capper said.

“This will allow us to better manage cycle times during harvest and help prioritise investment in the network.”

In addition, the app allows growers on the farm to see in real time where their truck is in the delivery process, as well as seeing sample and weight results in real time.  The app also speeds up a number of the processes involved in delivering a load of grain leading to improved cycle times.

“We developed this app as it helps to deliver on our key focus of achieving greater efficiencies for growers, which includes reducing wait times wherever possible,” Mr Capper said.

“We can now take this data, analyse the patterns at each of the sites and generate efficiencies where safely possible to keep harvest moving for growers.”

Mr Capper said the app also will also help to improve site safety as it will lead to reduced people working in the vicinity of trucks around site.

The response from growers to the app has been overwhelmingly positive, with a CBH survey finding 93 per cent of users rated the CDF app’s use as positive.

In addition, 92 per cent of users surveyed said they prefer using the app over the paper forms.


  • Growers and truck drivers pre-submit information of their grain deliveries while on the farm and notify the CBH receival site of a coming delivery.
  • When the load arrives at site for sampling, the information is automatically transferred and once assessment is complete, results are immediately available in the CDF app. This enables the truck driver to choose and accept a grade and continue with the delivery, or opt to deliver to another site.
  • Real time notifications are sent to the grower of sampling results, along with the driver’s arrival and departure from the receival site.
  • The app also shows which sites are open, which grains are being accepted at each site, and the approximate waiting time at the site.