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CBH Group reimburses superannuation payments


The CBH Group has reimbursed outstanding superannuation entitlements for casual Plant Operators at Kwinana Grain Terminal following a comprehensive remuneration and payroll review.

CBH Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Wilson said the co-operative had responded quickly when inadvertent superannuation underpayments had been identified for casual Plant Operators at the Terminal. “While our business has a large permanent workforce, we rely on our casual employees to ensure we are able to meet peak demand at harvest and other busy times of the year,” Mr Wilson said.

“We sincerely regret the inadvertent underpayments, as CBH has always acted in good faith in the remuneration of our people and will ensure impacted casual Plant Operators at our Terminal will be fully reimbursed with interest,” he said.

Mr Wilson said the average superannuation shortfall payment for the impacted casual Plant Operators at Kwinana was $301.63 per annum on average over the 6 year period reviewed, with CBH remitting the shortfall payments as well as interest of 10 per cent per annum pro rata for each quarter the superannuation was not paid to the ATO on each employee’s behalf. CBH is now conducting a full review to identify and rectify any further possible superannuation payment impacts.

“We will complete this comprehensive review in coming months to provide clarity to our remaining employees and ensure outstanding payments are corrected as quickly as possible,” Mr Wilson said.