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CBH Group calls for growers crop estimates


15 June 2020


The CBH Group is calling on growers to help with vital harvest planning by providing crop estimates for the 2020-21 season as we improve the functionality of our online estimates technology, Paddock Planner.

The annual call for crop estimates signals the commencement of harvest preparations for CBH, with the information assisting with planning that will ultimately benefit growers with services and segregations that match the crops grown in their local area.

CBH Chief Operating Officer Ben Macnamara said understanding the commodity and size of crops being grown in each area helped CBH make the best decisions about what services to offer at receival sites during harvest.

“It is vital growers let us know what their plans are so we can estimate how much grain may be produced in a region and provide growers with the storage and handling services they expect at harvest,” Mr Macnamara said.

“Estimates are particularly important this season given that some growers may have adjusted their barley cropping plans, and if so, we need to make sure that we’re accommodating for those changes.

“We’ve also had examples in the past where estimates haven’t been returned to us which means we weren’t aware of additional volumes delivered to particular sites and this has impacted our service during harvest. 

“As a result, this can cause frustration for growers and transporters during a really busy period and the potential for additional costs for both CBH and other growers.”

This season, growers will have the option of submitting their estimates through Paddock Planner or the estimates form, both of which are accessed through our secure online portal LoadNet.

Mr Macnamara said CBH encouraged growers to use Paddock Planner because the technology enables growers to manage their cropping plans and submit estimates for each paddock delivered to CBH. 

“We have added even more features to Paddock Planner this year including the ability to transfer property or paddock information to another account or to another grower, and the option to download information so growers can use this with other software,” he said.

With growers estimates in Paddock Planner, CBH’s planning capability is boosted so growers are provided with:

  • segregations that match the grain types grown in their local area

  • quicker deliveries at harvest, and

  • additional storage, if it’s needed

“Overall, Paddock Planner helps us provide growers with a more efficient network from paddock to port,” he said.

Mr Macnamara said CBH would not offer an incentive to growers who use Paddock Planner this year.

“The incentive was offered last year to encourage growers to participate in the new technology and we subsequently achieved a high participation rate with over 70 per cent of hectares sown inputted into Paddock Planner,” Mr Macnamara said.

“The information we were provided by growers in Paddock Planner helped greatly with our planning for last year’s harvest and provided us with insights into where investment is needed in the network for the long-term.

“I can’t emphasis enough how much our planning depends on the information that growers provide us in their estimates. I encourage all growers to please take the time to do theirs this year.”

Growers who would like assistance with their Paddock Planner estimates are encouraged to call our Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083.