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SA Harvest Pools

Our harvest pools are actively managed from harvest and offer selling option with a moderate level of price protection with the potential for future upside.
A front on view of a green harvester making its way through a large golden paddock

The SA Harvest Pool objective

The objective is to add value through active management from harvest, with returns locked in over time to provide a final pool return which outperforms average market prices across the life of the pool.

CBH employs a specialised team of experienced grain trading and marketing professionals to manage the Harvest Pool from start to finish.

The team are focused on surveying market conditions and working with customers to ensure you receive the best value for your grain.


  • Interest Rate
    Interest Rate - 1.89%
  • Availability
    Available during harvest
  • Standard Grade
    Available for standard grade* wheat
  • Wheat
    Wheat - applicable grades will receive quality payments for protein, screenings and moisture
  • Delivery
    Delivery between 1 October and the pool closure date
* CBH reserves the right to include new grades introduced during the season to this product.
We offer five flexible payment methods to suit the needs of your farm business.


2020-21 Pool Fact Sheets

The Pool Fact Sheets provide a snapshot of all the essential information relating to individual pools including EPR changes throughout harvest, current interest rates, the rates used for pool payments during the harvest period (NEPR) and an estimation of costs to deduct from pool payments.

Download the Harvest Pool Wheat Fact Sheet to see Estimated Pool Returns (EPRs):

2019-20 Pools Information

Interest Rate - 2.60%