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22/23 Canola Flexi-Starter Pool Finalisation Snapshot


CBH has finalised and paid out the remaining equity for the 2022/23 Canola Flexi-Starter Pool (26/07/2023)

The Canola Flexi-Starter Pool delivered a strong result for participants, and we are pleased to share an overview of the results below.

We will be providing a more detailed summary of the pool's performance at a later date.

For further information please refer to either the pool calculator or the pool payment estimator.

Canola Flexi-Starter Pool Result

The final equities* are as follows:

Grade  Geraldton  Kwinana Albany Esperance
CAN1 $892.61  $891.40 $887.17  $887.09 
CAN2  $892.61  $891.40  $887.17  $887.09 
CNS1 $892.61  $891.40  $887.17  $887.09 
CAG1 $847.61  $846.40  $842.17  $842.09 
CAG2  $847.61  $846.40  $842.17  $842.09 

* Pool equities are quoted FIS, assuming Distribution payment option and exclusive of any quality adjustments