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CBH Flexi-Starter Pool Payment Updates


Pool management recently reviewed the current sales profile in the 2022/23 Flexi-Starter Pools.

As a result, the decision has been made to adjust payment timing and percentages in the Canola Flexi-Starter Pool to better reflect the underlying sales profile.

The Canola Flexi-Starter Pool was originally scheduled to finalise in April. However, considering the timing and execution of sales within the pool, pool management has determined that July is an appropriate finalisation date.

To minimise the cashflow impact for growers, the Advance and Distribution pay-types will receive a payment in April taking total payments up to 90% of pool equity, with the remaining 10% to be distributed on finalisation in July.

The updated payment timings are reflected in the following table:

Payment Profile  Oct-22 Jan-23 Apr-23 July-23
Advance 75% - 90% 100%
Deferred - - - 100%
Distribution - 40% 90% 100%
FlexiLoan - 40% 90% 100%
HarvestLoan - 40% 90% 100%


No change has been made to the 2022/23 Barley and Wheat Flexi-Starter Pools, as such finalisation is still scheduled for April.

For further information please refer to either the pool calculator or the pool payment estimator.