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CBH Published Pool Return Updates


CBH has today performed a review of 21/22 season pool equities, resulting in equity increases across our Pools products.

The continued disruption following the Russian Invasion of Ukraine has continued to push global grain and oilseed prices higher. All pools have been able to capitalise on high international and domestic cash prices, therefore CBH have decided to increase the EPRs across all commodities and harvest pools to better reflect both the appreciation in global grain prices and having a large unsold position to capitalise on these prices.

The No2 Harvest Pools in Oats and Lupins have been increased in a higher proportion to the No1 Harvest Pool as they currently retain a larger unsold position, this unsold position will be able to take advantage of a higher sales values in the international market.

A summary of the changes is outlined below:


Wheat No1 Harvest Pool:

  • $450 APW1 KWI (+$5)

Wheat No2 Harvest Pool:

  • $440 APW1 KWI (+$10


Barley No1 Harvest Pool:

  • $360 BFD1 KWI (+$15)
  • $375 SPA1 KWI (+$15)

Barley No2 Harvest Pool:

  • $350 BFD1 KWI (+$15)
  • $375 SPA1 KWI (+$15)


Canola No1 Harvest Pool:

  • $1070 CAN1 KWI (+$15)
  • $1030 CAG1 KWI (+$15)

 Canola No2 Harvest Pool:

  • 1050 CAN1 KWI (+$30)
  • $1000 CAG1 KWI (+$30)


Lupins No1 Harvest Pool:

  • $420 LUP1 GER (+$5)

Lupins No2 Harvest Pool:

  • $395 LUP1 GER (+$15


Oats No1 Harvest Pool:

  • $305 OAT1 KWI (+$10)

Oats No2 Harvest Pool:

  • $265 OAT1 KWI (+$25)