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Located within the Shire of Brookton, the Brookton site was created in 1972 and is one of the largest sites in the Kwinana South Zone. It has temporary storage capacity of 60,000 tones, however this years expansion project will further add 127,500t of permanent storage. Four open bulkheads will be built over the top of the two existing temporary bulkheads which will add 114,000t, and a number of bulkheads at the site will be upgraded with taller walls from which will enable an additional 13,500t.
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Earthworks at CBH Brookton site

Network improvements

  • 2021 – In progress: storage capacity increased by 127,000 tonnes, installation of inloading equipment, connection to main power grid for new open bulkheads
  • 2018 - installed grid, enhanced rail loading and upgraded accommodation 

Site information

Richard Williams
Area Manager - Area 12
Irving Carey
General Manager - Kwinana South Zone