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Located 200 kilometres north of Perth, the Moora receival site is situated next to a rail line that runs through to our Kwinana Grain Terminal. Moora is also the site of our first rapid rail outloading project, which aims to significantly reduce the time it takes to load grain from the site onto a train.
Built in 1939 and receiving just over 4,500 tonnes that year, the Moora site has grown to 12 open bulkheads and has a total storage capacity of 362,000 tonnes.
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CBH Moora site

Network improvements

  • 2020 – new open bulkheads (capacity 132,000 tonnes), installation of conveyor loading system, new permanent weighbridge
  • 2019 - install temporary weighbridge
  • 2018 – upgraded conveyor, hopper, augers and stackers.

    Site information

Luke Rushby
Area Manager - Area 4
Allan Walker
General Manager - Kwinana North Zone