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Buntine was built in 1973 and consists of one D-type storage. It is now inactive.
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Site information

Site Name Buntine
Site Address 4 Nelson St, Buntine
Leased Premises Description Part Unnumbered Railway Reserve & Part Reserve 31363 being part Lot 49 on DP175715 held on Certificate of Title LR3007/551
Whole or part of site to be leased Whole of site
Land Area to be leased (approximate hectares) 5.9799 ha
CBH Building Storage Type D-type
Building Area (approximate m2 only) 2616 m2
Building Age (approximate only) 1973
Type - Lease or Sub-Lease SUBLEASE - This site will be a Sub-Lease where the successful EOI party will need to comply with CBH's terms and conditions including complying with CBH's head lease terms & conditions held with Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (Head Lessor). Each sub-lease is subject to both Head-Lessor & Lessor approval.
Power Mains Service Status Power supply is not provided to the site
Other Information

Overrail garner bins are excluded from lease.  

GENERAL NOTE -  Any weighbridges/conveyors/overrail garner bins remaining on-site post make safe/pre-leasing are non-operational. 

SPECIFIC SITE EXCLUSIONS -  Climbable elements to overrail garner bins, elevator towers, fan towers, D-type storage access ladders will be removed (access ladders/platforms) / D-type electrical MCC Room - all distribution electrical switching gear and electrical cabinets removed / Elevator tower valve and D-type storage spindals removed / D-type storage fan tower vats removed  /   Inloading ground pits and redundant service pit to be filled in / Weighbridge hut access bolted to prevent access / Sample shed, loading ramps, diesel tank and bund, accommodation unit, water tank all to be removed from site, track shed repair with general site cleaned up completed pre-leasing. 

Sites for lease or sale

As we continue to improve and develop our network, we will retire non-network receival sites that have not been operational for some time or are no longer needed for grower deliveries.

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