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Jerdacuttup is a site in the Esperance Zone that is currently available for sale.
How to get there

 Site information

Site Name Jerdacuttup 
Site Address Street #: CNR 2795 Jerdacuttup Rd / Fence Rd, Jerdacuttup
Sale Premises Description Whole of Lot 1 on Diagram 70553, Jerdacuttup Rd / Fence Rd, Jerdacuttup held on Certificate of Title Volume 1764 Folio 969
Whole or part of site to be sold Whole of site
Land Area to be sold (approximate hectares) 14.7818 ha
CBH Building Storage Type Roofed Open Bulkhead
Building Area (approximate m2 only) 7000 m2
Building Age (approximate only) 1987
Type - Sale This will be a sale of the CBH site 
Mains Power Service Status Power supply is not provided to the site
Other Information

 Any sample huts / weighbridges / conveyors remaining on-site are non-operational.

Sale is for ‘as is’ condition. 

Sites for lease or sale

As we continue to improve and develop our network, we will retire non-network receival sites that have not been operational for some time or are no longer needed for grower deliveries.

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