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Nuffield Scholarship

Travel overseas while studying a topic of your choice and explore innovative ideas to drive the agricultural industry forward.
Nuffield travel scholarships

What you need to know

Time Committment: High – a total of 14 weeks of study and travel
When: Various dates available
Location: Dependent on topic studied
Cost: Fully funded by CBH, valued at $30,000

Am I eligible to apply?

Designed for innovative and forward-thinking people who are engaged in the WA grains industry.

Yes, if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You can find out more here.

Benefits to you

  • Diverse perspectives: Gain a global perspective on agriculture, bringing back insights that can be applied to address local challenges.
  • Purposeful study: Undertake research and delve into innovative solutions, contributing to the advancement of agriculture.
  • Global connections: Join a community of past scholars ho have mad notable contributions to agricultural.

Application dates

Applications for 2025 study opens March 2024.

  • 2019 Winner – Johanna Tomlinson

    Kalgan’s Johanna Tomlinson was named as CBH’s Nuffield Scholar recipient for 2019. Johanna investigated global soil and production management strategies with a focus on how soil acidity has become a significant threat to Western Australia’s broadacre industry.

    Together with her husband Wayne, Johanna runs third generation family business, Tomlinson Agricultural, on 4,000 hectares situated on the south coast of Western Australia. The enterprise produces prime lambs, wool, beef and broadacre crops such as barley, wheat, lupins and canola.

    Soil health and improving overall grower understanding of soils is a key priority for Johanna, who hopes to assess global soil acidity and management techniques on her scholarship. She will also investigate how different lime sources and supplies are being managed around the world.

    “Having worked in farming and natural resource management for almost 20 years, I believe soil acidification is a critical issue for the sector and, quite frankly, a sleeping giant. It’s impacting on current production and will have dramatic impacts if a long-term plan is not put in place,” she said.

    “Soil acidity is an issue we are working to manage on our own farm, but we also recognise the need for further and continued lime applications around the region to ensure that lime can be applied at the rate required to recover and maintain production capacity. “I see the outcomes of my Nuffield Scholarship being delivered back to our community on the south coast through grower and natural resource management groups. I would also like to see the findings incorporated into current and future work on soil acidity throughout Western Australia.”

    In June 2019, Johanna visited China as part of her study program - watch the video below for a brief update. She also intends to travel throughout North and South America and Europe visiting broadacre regions with similar farming systems to understand their soil acidification management techniques.

  • 2017 Nuffield Scholar - Lara Ladyman

    Katanning’s Lara Ladyman investigated the ‘Future of Food’, from the lab to the paddock to the plate, which she says is about the technologies or drivers of change that will shape how, and what, we will be farming and eating in the future. Lara is interested in understanding the dramatic changes that are predicted to occur throughout the food production chain over the next two decades, and what that will mean for farmers in an increasingly digital world. 

    “Will we be eating cell cultured meat and 3D printed foods and what will be the future implications for tomorrow’s Aussie farmers,” questions Lara. “If we know what lies ahead, we can be at the forefront of change and not be left by the wayside of future technologies, consumer trends or government mandates."

    Lara travelled to the United States, China, Canada, the United Kingdom and European Union. Watch Lara’s presentation below.


  • 2014 Nuffield Scholar - Colin de Grussa

    Esperance's Colin de Grussa received the 2014 CBH Group Nuffield Scholarship. He researched how farmers across the globe interact with government for the benefit of their industry, investigated the ways primary producers in other nations are engaging with policy makers, and the role of government in the future of agriculture.

    Colin also examined the way farmers and agribusinesses interact with consumers. To complete his studies, Colin visited North America, the UK and a range of EU nations, and met with farmers, lobby groups, politicians and advisors. Read Colin's full report here or watch his presentation below.

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Rebecca Kelly Nuffield

"I have always known about Nuffield and felt it could open a lot of doors, provide me with a bigger overview of agriculture and I am so passionate and excited about learning that it all felt like a good fit. This unique opportunity allowed me to delve into exploring the negotiation processes and forging connections between agriculture and energy companies. The Nuffield program has equipped me with invaluable insights, empowering me to contribute meaningfully to the agricultural landscape. Grateful for the growth and global network gained through Nuffield and the chance to contribute to the dialogue on shaping a more resilient and integrated future for global agriculture."

Rebecca Kelly, Mingenew grower
2023 CBH Nuffield Scholar