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Grower Study Tour

For the past two decades, CBH has regularly offered growers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the grain industry and gain insights into customer requirements through the Grower Study Tour.
The Tour takes a group of growers overseas to visit some of Australia’s most important grain export markets and origin countries. Previous tours have visited Japan, South Korea, China, the Middle East and the Black Sea region. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain a unique insight into markets, customer needs and take in the wonderful cultural offerings from key grain markets.

What you need to know

Time Committment: High – approximately 1 week
When: 7 - 15 September 2024
Location: Japan
Cost: The tour is subsidised by CBH with participants required to contribute approximately $3,000 towards travel costs.

Benefits to you

  • Broaden your understanding: See where your grain is consumed and learn about different global farming practices.
  • Understand your customer: Gain a unique insight into global grain markets and customer needs.
  • The trip of a lifetime: Immerse yourself in the cultural offerings of international destinations alongside other WA grain growers and CBH staff.


Japan is a key market for Western Australian grain, with about 3 million tonnes of high-quality noodle wheat, malt and feed barley, oats and canola exported each year. 

As the only supplier for the niche Japanese noodle market, Western Australia enjoys a unique long-term relationship with Japanese noodle customers. WA growing conditions produce noodle wheat that meets the desired attributes of Japanese noodle manufacturers, who consistently import more than 800,000 tonnes of WA noodle wheat into Japan each year, making it one of our most stable markets.  WA wheat producers also enjoy a long-term relationship with the Japanese milling wheat market, with over 65 flour milling customers throughout Japan.

The Japanese barley market is split into two segments: the shochu and feed market. Annually, Japan imports about 80,000 tonnes of malt barley for shochu and a further one million tonnes of barley for animal feed. 

CBH Marketing & Trading regularly meets with the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and key customers to understand the unique characteristics required for noodle production, shochu and other specialty products.

Grower Study Tour Justin Duff

"I applied to get a bit more of an idea about CBH as a business. It was very rewarding to see the end use of our grain and to come away with some new insights into the CBH system. I met some great people and gained new connections, thank you CBH!"

Justin Duff, Williams grower, Grower Study Tour 2023