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Co-operative Workshops

The Reinvigorating Regional Australia: a co-operative approach workshops explore how the co-op model has been successfully used in regional communities to create and retain important local services such as the supermarket, pub and even aged care.
Community co-operative shop

What you need to know

Time Commitment: Low – 4 hours
When: 18-21 March 2024
Location: Wagin, Ravensthorpe, Perenjori and Wongan Hills
Cost: Fully funded by CBH

Am I eligible to register?

Designed for those who are interested in discovering the power of the co-operative model.

Yes, if you are a WA grain grower or anyone living/working in a WA grain growing community.

Benefits to you

  • Build your understanding of the model: Learn about the history, types, and key features of the co-operative model.  
  • Discover the power of co-operatives: Learn how the model has been successfully used to establish or retain essential services and information on establishing a co-operative. 
  • Connect with like-minded people: Network with others who see the value in community ownership. 

Application dates

Registrations are currently open, closing 17 March 2024. For more information and to register visit the Bank of I.D.E.A.S website

  • Resources

    Didn’t get a chance to get to a workshop? Download the handbook for the Reinvigorating Regional Australia: a co-operative approach workshops below. 

Community Londa Finlayson

"I attended the Reinvigorating Regional Australia: a co-operative approach workshop in Wagin and I strongly recommend this workshop to others. Australian culture has a long, rich history with co-operatives, we seem to have misplaced the importance and the impact co-operatives have built for our economy. The content from Peter Kenyon, Lincolns Accounting and CBH Group were excellent. The information about Co-operatives vs Incorporated NFP was pivotal. Detailed explanations of concepts and key organisations to contact made the whole concept of co-operatives very streamlined. My key takeaway was the relevance in making a community impact, similar to the foundational story of why CBH Group was formed, it is predominantly about the members, leaving a legacy and empowering the community for generations. It was interesting to learn how a co-operative serves differently to the NFP Model and how both models serve the community above everything else."

Londa Finlayson
Wagin community member