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Updated CDF App streamlines harvest information for growers


A major update of the CBH Group’s CDF app will streamline harvest delivery updates and site service information into one place, while the app will play a central role in a COVID-safe harvest this season.

The latest update further improves the CDF app, which a few years ago replaced the traditional paper Carter’s Delivery Form that was required to be filled for each load delivered to site.

Set to be released next week, CBH Chief Operations Officer Ben Macnamara said the aim of the app was to make harvest deliveries more efficient.

“We continue our work to reduce the time growers and transporters spend on site so they can get back to the paddocks quicker,” Mr Macnamara said.

“Growers acknowledge and appreciate how the CDF app, with its real time information and easy to use functions, helps make grain delivering more efficient and are always providing suggestions into how we can make the app better for them.

“With the latest update, we’ve listened to feedback and incorporated time saving features that eliminate the need to juggle multiple apps for important harvest information and deliveries.”

A key new feature of the CDF app this year is the integration of the CBH Notifier app.

Growers and transporters will now be able to receive real-time notifications on harvest information – such as site opening times, segregation services, harvest bans or weather impacts – in the CDF app.

Other new features and improvements include:

  • Ability for growers to search for segregations closest to them either by distance or within a zone
  • Improved log in process including Touch ID or facial recognition if enabled on the device
  • Better record keeping with growers and transporters able to add notes to loads during and after delivery
  • Favourite sites, deliverers and trucks maintained from last season

Growers and transporters will still be able to access existing features including real time information on site queue and cycle times and track their deliveries from paddock to site in real time.

“Another great feature of the CDF app is its connection with the crop estimates tool Paddock Planner,” Mr Macnamara said.

“If growers entered their estimates in Paddock Planner, all the information including property details, commodity and variety are automatically synced to the CDF app, which will make harvest deliveries even easier and ensures site personnel have access to the right information.”

Work undertaken to develop the CDF app over the last few harvests will this year support COVID-19 protocols implemented at sites throughout the network to help provide a safe and healthy environment.

Mr Macnamara said CBH had reviewed every delivery activity that requires growers and transporters to leave their truck and enter a sample shed or grid with a view to ensuring social distancing and other measures can occur to reduce the risk of possible transmission.

“We strongly encourage growers to download or update the CDF app when its released and start setting up for harvest,” he said.

“In particular, we would like growers to set preferences for communications such as weighbridge tickets to be received by email rather than having these printed and then having to collect it in person.

“The CDF app and these functions can reduce the amount of contact required between truck drivers and CBH personnel.”