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Grower Study Tours

Connecting growers to our international customers
CBH Grower Study Tour

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID, the CBH Grower Study Tour is back for 2023.
Spearheaded by CBH Marketing and Trading, this year we’re taking growers to Indonesia and Vietnam from 16 September to 24 September 2023.
Expressions of interest are open to all growers and will close 15 March 2023.
Get in touch with your local BRM to apply.

You will need a valid passport AND up-to-date COVID-19 vaccinations (2 vaccines plus one booster).


The Vietnamese market is one of Australia’s top four wheat export markets importing around 2.9 million tonnes in the 2021/22 season.

The market for Australian wheat is predominantly ASW & APW for both milling and feed purposes.

Vietnam is also an important and growing market for both feed and malting barley. In 2021/22 Vietnam imported approximately 550,000 tonnes of barley, with around 150,000 tonnes of malting barley.

Vietnam is ranked 9th in terms of total beer consumption well ahead of Australia ranked 23rd in the world demonstrating the importance of this market for Australian growers.

CBH Marketing and Trading are supplying all the major flour millers in Vietnam as well as working with Interflour in supplying wheat and high-quality malting barley from Western Australia.   


Indonesia is consistently in the top two wheat export markets for Australia, importing 3.5 - 4.0 million tonnes annually from Australia.

This market regularly imports approximately 9-10 million tonnes of wheat per annum with the market growing at 4% per annum. 

With 275 million people, Indonesia is one of the largest wheat import markets and with 23 flour millers servicing the market Australian wheat continues to have some excellent opportunities.

The market is predominantly a milling market with Australia supplying APW, ASW9 and AH to this market.

There are about 23 flour millers in Indonesia with some of the largest flour millers in Asia being present including Bogasari, Wilmar and Interflour.

CBH Marketing and Trading is supplying all of the major players in the Indonesian market including Interflour.

Photos from previous Grower Study Tours

Connecting growers to our international customers

For the past two decades, CBH has regularly offered growers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the grain industry and gain insights into customer requirements through the Grower Study Tour.

The Tour takes a group of growers overseas to visit some of Australia’s most important grain export markets and origin countries. Previous tours have visited Japan, South Korea, China, the Middle East and the Black Sea Region.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain a unique insight into markets, customer needs and take in the wonderful cultural offerings from key grain markets.


Watch a video from 2016 when we took the Grower Study Tour to Vietnam.