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The CBH Group owns and manages one of the most sophisticated grain storage and handling networks in the world. Our ports and country receival points in Western Australia provide an efficient, safe and competitive service to growers cultivating grain over more than 300,000 square kilometres.

Information for Growers

2013-14 Freight Rates Finalised

The 2013-14 freight rates have been finalised and remain the same as the initial estimates in October 2013.

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MRWA Higher Mass Limits for Single Steer Trucks

Main Roads WA have provided an 'Exemption Notice' to allow suitably equipped trucks and prime movers to exceed the statutory 6.0 tonne steer axle mass limit, provided it complies with certain conditions.

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Moisture Management Services

CBH will roll out an expanded moisture managment strategy during the 2013-14 harvest with services across the state, following successful trials carried out during the 2013-13 harvest.

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EyeFoss Pilot Program for 2013-14

EyeFoss is the new grain assessment tool that provides revolutionary new image analysis technology whcih is set to transform how grain quality is assessed. In a joint development program between teh CBH Group and FOSS, EyeFoss is now ready to make it's introduction in the Western Australian grain havesting landscape.This harvest EyeFoss will be piloted at a number of sites in the Geraldton and Kwinana sone.

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2013-14 Fees & Charges for Growers

The CBH Group fees & charges will increase by three per cent for the 2013-14 season to reflect the rising input costs, but this increase will be off-set and actually reduce grower fees thanks to the rebates that will be available this year through the Grower Patronage Rebate Program.

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Grain Express Revocation

CBH has complied with the requirement to make Grain Express a voluntary option for growers following the Australian Competition Tribunals decision, handed down on the 19th April 2013, to uphold the Australian Consumer and Competition Commissions (ACCC) decision to revoke the exclusive dealing notification for Grain Express.

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Information for Customers

Proposed Port Access Undertaking

The CBH Group has made a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to replace its existing Port Access Undertaking which expires on 30 September 2014.

CBH proposes to amend the Port Capacity Allocation process for 2014-15 and beyond, specifically by introducing a Long Term Agreement product which may allocate up to 66% of available port capacity for three years to eligible exporters.

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Transport Services

Following the ACCC's decision to revoke the exclusive dealing notification for Grain Express, customers will now be able to offer their own transport services from site to port.

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CBH Customer services

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Shipping stem for all CBH port facilities

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