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Brookton Site Expansion

CBH Brookton expansion an early Christmas gift for growers


The Brookton storage expansion project is complete and operational, providing plenty of Christmas cheer to the growers, transporters and CBH employees using the new site.

The expansion site, which sits adjacent to the existing site, is a streamlined new facility which includes:

  • 127,000 tonnes of additional permanent storage
  • Four new open bulkheads
  • Unatteded weighbridge
  • 500 tonne per hour grid powered inloading equipment to service open bulkheads.

All of these features allow the Brookton expansion to be fully functional by itself, providing greater flexibility to manage the grain coming in.

Outloading is just as important as inloading and Brookton is designed to move grain out as fast as it comes in.

“Brookton is a key site for this part of the state, primarily because it is connected to the narrow-gauge rail system” Area 12 Manager Richard Williams said.

“Our aim is to get growers in and out as quickly as possible but also get grain out during those high demand shipping periods at the start of the calendar year.”

Improvements have also been made at the existing site, includng increasing the heights of three open bulkheads from 1.2 metres to 1.8 metres, which has added an additional 13,000 tonnes of storage.

“The program of work involved installing key infrastructure such as an unattended weighbridge, grain storages, conveyors inloading and optimising site traffic flow,” Richard said.

“This work aims to improve how quickly we can receive deliveries plus meet the demands at harvest as the pace and size of the crop increases.”

Brookton is one of three key expansion projects – alongside Hyden and Dale – for CBH this year, adding a combined total of 270,000 tonnes of new permanent storage to the network.

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