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What's new in CDF App?


The CDF app has been further improved for the 2021/22 harvest, with a focus on enhancing user experience.

“The CDF app has matured in the last couple of years and is now accepted by growers as the quickest and easiest way to submit a CDF,” said Mick Daw, Acting Chief Operations Officer.

“For this harvest, we wanted to remove some of the issues reported by growers, drivers and CBH staff.”

“The addition of Fast Track to the CDF app is a big step forward and something growers and staff have been asking for. This will save time at the weighbridge and bring the Fast Track process in line with that of other deliveries.”

Another time-saving improvement is that the sampler can send a message directly to the driver to ask them to come to the sample shed, via the CDF app.

“This will improve efficiency and safety on site by allowing staff to directly communicate with drivers when they have a query”, Mick said.

Other improvements include:

  • All notifications will be stored in the same menu, easily accessible from the main screen. An icon will signify unread notifications.
  • Users can add extra email addresses for weighbridge tickets to be sent to.
  • Users will be given a warning when submitting a CDF near or after closing time.
  • When updating the CDF app, users will stay logged in.

This is the fifth harvest the CDF app will be in use. Last season, over 95% of tonnes delivered to CBH were through the CDF app.

The new version of the app is now available to download. 

For more information, including tutorials and FAQs, please visit Apps and Online Tools on the CBH Group website.

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