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Hyden Expansion almost ready for this year's harvest


A key storage expansion project for 2021 is nearing completion, so growers and CBH representatives headed to Hyden late last month for the annual pre-harvest grower meeting and tour of the recently expanded site.

The expansion project kicked off in April this year as part of our Network Investment for 2021 and with the site scheduled to be ready for this year’s harvest.

Now 95% complete, everyone was eager to learn about the project and how it was all coming together.

Joining the local Hyden growers for the presentation and guided tour were CBH Directors Nat Browning and Royce Taylor; CBH Albany Zone’s Will Piercey, Chris Poot, Shannon Morton and Harold Main; Brad Ashworth, Tiernan Byrnes and Andrew Bond from the CBH Project Delivery Group; and Business Relationship Manager Gemma Pauley.

Before heading out on site, Chris, Shannon and Gemma presented the pre-harvest update from CBH, discussing the plans for the upcoming harvest and the latest information on safety, quality and marketing.

“Once we finished the official pre-harvest presentation, we turned our focus to a soft launch of the Hyden expansion, and Brad Ashworth, Tiernan Byrnes and Andrew Bond joined the stage to discuss the expansion project in more detail,” Chris said.

“The program of work involved installing key infrastructure such as weighbridges, sample hut, grain storages, electrical work, upgrades to existing equipment and optimising traffic flow.

“This work aims to improve how quickly we can receive deliveries plus meet the demands at harvest as the pace and size of the crop increases.”

All attendees then boarded a bus and travelled to the Hyden site for a tour of the works so everyone could see how the project was almost complete.

“There was plenty of positive feedback from everyone who attended the tour, and it was pleasing to hear given the amount of investment that has been made into the Hyden site is appreciated,” Chris said.

Hyden is one of three key expansion projects – alongside Brookton and Dale – for CBH this year, adding 270,000 tonnes of new permanent storage to the network.

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