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2022 Annual General Meeting outcomes


18 February 2022

The CBH Group Annual General Meeting was held today at Optus Stadium, Perth.

The outcomes of the resolutions are below:

Resolution 4 – Ratification of Appointment of Paul Stephen Sadleir

Paul Stephen Sadleir became an Independent Director in February 2021 following an extensive director selection process undertaken by CBH in conjunction with an external consultant designed to match the best possible skills and attributes of potential candidates with the needs of the Board.

Members have ratified Mr Sadleir’s appointment as a Director of the Co-operative until the conclusion of the 2024 CBH Group Annual General Meeting.

The resolution was passed as an ordinary resolution.

Resolution 5 – Review of Directors’ Fee Cap

The resolution proposed that the maximum remuneration of the Directors of the Co-operative for their services as Directors of the CBH Board be increased from $1,365,296 per annum to:

  • $1,499,420 per annum with effect from 18 February 2022; and
  • $1,633,545 per annum with effect from the date of Annual General Meeting to be held in 2023
The resolution was passed as an ordinary resolution.