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Grain for Fert

Free up your farm capital by using future grain sales to help finance your CBH Fertiliser purchase. With an easy application process, your grain sales at harvest pays for your fertiliser.
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We've introduced new features to Grain for Fert:

  • More control over your grain marketing – once the facility has been repaid, we'll waive your remaining tonnage commitments, so you're free to market your grain however you choose.
  • Sell Anywhere – you can now sell your grain to an approved marketer and we’ll arrange for the sale proceeds to pay your CBH Fertiliser invoice.
  • Competitive variable interest rates starting at 3.40%

How does it work?

Grain for Fert is a payment option for Western Australian growers to pay for their CBH Fertiliser via future grain sales. When CBH Fertiliser is purchased and the Grain for Fert payment option is chosen, a pre-payment facility with a low variable interest rate is used to pay for the fertiliser. Once your facility is repaid in full, any remaining tonnes will be released for you to sell to any grain marketer.

How to apply

Log in to LoadNet and follow the prompts or email for more information. Application period closes 30 September 2022. Contact your Fertiliser Area Manager or Business Relationship Manager for more information.

Key Features

  • Apply from February to September
  • Available for wheat, barley, canola, lupins and oats
  • Interest rates range from 3.40% to 6.20%. The rate you pay will be based on the outcome of our full credit assessment of your application.
  • Flexibility to nominate to a pool or cash contract
  • Contracting

    Under the Grain for Fert contract, you commit tonnes to deliver to CBH and in return we provide you a pre-payment facility for your CBH Fertiliser purchase. A Grain for Fert facility is only to the value of fertiliser purchased.

  • Advance rate

    Each application is assessed in line with CBH's guidelines and an advance rate of $200/t for all commodities is applied.

  • Sell Anywhere

    Sell your grain to a participating marketer and have the proceeds paid to your GFF facility. Participating marketers for 2020-21 harvest are ADM and GrainCorp. To be eligible for Sell Anywhere, you must not have any other encumbrances registered against your crop. Please apply for Sell Anywhere via LoadNet.

  • Nomination

    Tonnes contracted under Grain for Fert must be nominated to CBH (or an approved marketer under the Sell Anywhere feature) by 31 July of each season, subject to the committed tonnes being delivered to CBH by 31 January for each harvest season.

  • Pool or cash

    If you choose to sell your committed tonnes to CBH you may use any CBH pool or cash products for the current season. It is possible to repay your facility using any pool payment option: Harvest Loan, Flexi Loan, Advance, Deferrred or Distribution. If you intend to use either the Harvest Loan or Flexi Loan, please notify us of your intentions before nominating your grain.

  • Fees

    Please note that fees may apply to your Grain for Fert application.

    • Approval Fee: 0.15% of the approved Pre-Payment Amount. Minimum charge is $500 (plus GST).
    • Approval Variation Fee: 0.15% of the approved Pre-Payment Amount. Minimum charge is $250 (plus GST).
    • Line Fee: 0.50% of the approved Pre-Payment Amount.
    • Administrative Variation Fee: $200 (plus GST) for each variation made to an existing contract.
    • If you elect to use the Sell Anywhere feature, an administration fee will be charged to your PPA facility. The administration fee is the greater of: a) $250 (+GST); or b) $1.50 (+GST) multiplied by the aggregate tonnage of the Sell Anywhere agreement.

Download the terms and conditions for this product:

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